[Buddha-l] Kashyapa question (Piya Tan)

Mitchell Ginsberg jinavamsa at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 18 12:30:38 MDT 2009

Hello Piya and all, 
I am trying to view your posting and have set the Character Encoding option to 
a large variety of settings. Could you tell me which one to use, or type out those
titles in "emailese"? 
Esp.: re the passages:
the Ti?nsh?ng gu?ngd?ng l? was the D?f?n ti?nw?ng w?n f?ju?y? j?ng ?????????? (?The Scripture on the Heavenly Lord Mah?,?brahm? Asking the Buddha About His Doubt?). According to the D?f?n ti?nw?ng w?n f?ju?y? j?ng version of the story, ...
?Mah?k??yapa?s smile: Silent transmission and the kung-an (koan) Tradition,? in Stephen Heine & Dale S Wright, The Koan, 2000:75-109. ...
What other sources is there on origin of the story (esp in relation to Shenhui)? 
Thanks & best wishes,
Piya Tan
<end of excerpted passages> 

Mitchell G. 

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