[Buddha-l] Crisis in the rinpoche industry

Christopher Fynn cfynn at gmx.net
Wed Jun 3 06:45:30 MDT 2009

Curt Steinmetz wrote:
> Christopher Fynn wrote:
>> I have heard disturbing first hand accounts from a couple of these tulku 
>> kids, and also from parents of such children, of being abused in 
>> monasteries. When this has happened, their confusion is not surprising.

> Yeah, 'cause, like, that never happens to non-tulku kids.

Of course it does.

> This is just anti-Buddhist propaganda. 

Why is this "anti-Buddhist" propaganda? Nobody is claiming that sort of 
thing only goes on in Buddhist institutions - there is plenty of 
evidence for it happening elsewhere.

- C

> Children, by definition, do not 
> choose the circumstances of their upbringing. And western culture 
> encourages us to blame all of our problems and suffering as adults on 
> our parents and how we were raised.

> In Tibetan culture loving-kindness meditation is usually taught on the 
> assumption that everyone loves their mother, and then encourages the 
> meditator to cultivate that same love for all beings. Tibetans don't 
> seem to have any trouble with that - but many westerners do.

> Curt

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