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A Tibetan Blogger, Always Under Close Watch, Struggles for
Published: April 24, 2009 

WOESER, a Tibetan poet and blogger whose every word is of great
interest to the Chinese authorities, described the nightmare that
jolted her awake shortly before a reporter arrived for what some
might describe as a foolhardy interview. 
She dreamed that she was back in Tibet and that an army truck was
passing before her, its cargo enveloped in green canvas. 
One side of the truck was uncovered, however, and inside she
could see a heap of black-and-blue bodies, Tibetans old and
young, who had been battered into submission. 
Desperate to record the sight, she reached for her camera but it
was gone. 
"The dream ends with me chasing the truck, wailing and yelling,"
said Ms. Woeser, 42, who follows Tibetan tradition of using a
single name. 
The nightmare vividly reflects the anxiety felt by many Tibetans,
both inside and outside China. But it is a particularly fitting
reflection of the sense of helplessness that confronts one of
China's best-known bloggers as she tries to chronicle life in
Tibet amid a continued yearlong crackdown on dissent. [article
continues online]

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