[Buddha-l] a comparative study of ideas of 'reincarnation'--Not new but not mentioned here, far as I know

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Sat Oct 24 13:02:16 MDT 2009

JKirkpatrick schreef:
> The blurb mentions refs to such thinkers as Weber, Wittgenstein,
> and Nietzsche.  I'd hope that the author, being Obeyesekere, also
> invoked Freud. JK
> ==================== 
To the first sentence I would like to add that it would be a great achievement to put thinkers as Wittgenstein and Nietzsche into a framework without messing up their message. Those philosophers insist that frameworks are quite useless for people who want to understand what they're trying to say. Nietzsches favourite pastime was to smash his own framework.
As to the second sentence: why?


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