[Buddha-l] Front Porch, End of Summer

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Mon Sep 7 20:17:36 MDT 2009

Into the black hole of Buddha-L,
some thing.

Front Porch, End of Summer
The topmost leaves of a sycamore
looming giantly across the street
stir gently in the briefest breeze.
This is the action
of trees.
They know no motive -- yet
they move.
Sultry air of September, it may rain.
Will thunder explode 
the silence?
Will a downpour invade 
the stillness?
Small birds are seeking food
at day's decline.
Birds know they need food.
The trees do not know
they need water.
So, while all dharmas are
Some, like the trees, the thunder, the rain -- 
They do not sow....
They do not reap. 

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