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Thank you Joanna, i enjoy your crosspostings and contributions a lot and
will definitely look into Hedges.

Just a note of appreciation.


2009/9/25 JKirkpatrick <jkirk at spro.net>

> I just heard an eloquent speech by Hedges on our local university
> radio station, which broadcasts Alternative Radio on one of its
> two stations. I'd somehow not come across AR before.
> (www.alternativeradio.org)
> It's sure a good counter to the blather and lies coming from NPR
> and the commercial stations. So I looked up Hedges online, and
> find that  he's a regular columnist for truthdig, where I found a
> list of his publications. I already agree with his positions on
> war, corporate fascism, etc, but one of his listed books caught
> my eye-- "I Don't Believe in Atheists", apparently a short read.
> One of his points, according to the blurb I found on amazon, is
> that he's as annoyed by dogmatic atheism as he is by dogmatic
> religion.
> No doubt the Buddha felt similarly annoyed, was my thought.
> (I intend to get this book because I've joined up with the
> Unitarian Universalist Humanist group here in Boise, which seems
> to have some militant atheist types as well as the kind of social
> critics I enjoy interacting with).
> So, for those on this list who are not fulminating rahrah
> capitalists and who are also reality-testing social critics, I
> recommend this author.
> Joanna
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