[Buddha-l] Robert Aiken obit

Franz Metcalf franz at mind2mind.net
Tue Aug 10 23:56:02 MDT 2010

With Pedro, I revere Aitken Roshi's writings, though I only met him  
once. For me, _Original Dwelling Place_ strikes closest to my heart.  
In it he described his wife Anne's death. She had, many years before,  
compared death to a bus stopping before you: "you get on and go." When  
she suffered a massive heart attack she knew "The bus had come, so she  
took the appropriate action. She stepped aboard and sat down with  
Kanzan, Hung-chih, and so many other ancestors who died showing the  
rest of us the Way."

Aitken Roshi joins the elder masters now. I chant the Enmei Jikku  
Kannon Gyo for him.


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