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Hi Richard,

Thanks for the heads up---------I've never spent more than a
couple days in an Alpine area so that's a big lack in my outdoor
décor experience. As for European roadside shrines........gee,
how did I miss them?? My guess is that I saw all of it but didn't
notice, fixated as I was on the gigantic cathedrals and art-laden
museums :)

The latest deal here that I'm sure you've noticed is the many
small, homemade roadside shrines left behind after road crash
deaths. I'm sure there is already a professional rubric for
these: "vernacular mortuary street art." Crosses and artificial
flowers or wreaths. Nobody so far seems to have complained to the
ACLU about those, but one never knows when roadside facades will
be suddenly construed as government property.


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Dear Joanna,

On 13 Aug 2010, at 14:25, JKirkpatrick wrote:
> ...
> As far as I recall, European states do not plonk cross
> statues all over their landscapes, as many a locale here in the
> does, and as Southeast Asian states do with Buddha images--some

> gigantic and slathered with shiny gold paint, seeable from far

To the contrary, many peaks in the Alps and Jura mountains are
topped by crosses. These can also be seen from far away. In
France, Italy, and Switzerland at least there are also numerous
roadside shrines dedicated to various saints, etc.


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