[Buddha-l] Chinglish

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Tue Aug 17 15:42:58 MDT 2010

Op 16-08-10 21:51, Richard Hayes schreef:
> Erik, I think the denizens of Buddha-l might lile to know what your aspiration was at the Santa Aspiration Wind Bell. At least you can tell us whether your aspiration came truth.
> Richard
Actually this is a very good question, Richard. My first aspiration was 
to submit this impressive text to the scrutiny of Dan Lusthaus, who 
undoubtedly would explain the mystery of Chinese wind bells to us. I 
suspect a global conspiracy of wind bells, because I regularly walk pass 
a statue with some kind of wind bell made by the U.S. artist Paul 
McCarthy, see http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Claus_%28beeld%29 . The 
artist made this statue to protest against consumerism and now it 
attracts many tourists to the shopping street where it has been put. I 
think the wind bell is a Dutch invention and used to be called a 
´windbuil´, meaning a pompous person.
At the end I followed the direction of the tourist signs and ended up at 
the highest level of the Three Pagoda Temple complex in Dali, climbing 
many stairs of all together more then 750 steps up and down and I became 
very tired. The last aspiration was to get my hired bike back to the 
shop and spend the rest of the afternoon laying back and drinking tea, 
feeling like a wind bell myself.

the answer is as always ringing in the wind


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