[Buddha-l] new book by Gary Snyder--speaking of etiquette--and a film on DVD

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Wed Aug 18 08:31:22 MDT 2010

Announcing _The Practice of the Wild_  for sale @ amazon.com. 
However, no publisher blurb. 

So, decided to look at other Snyder titles noted below and what
should appear but this title, said to be as yet unpublished (one
can order it in advance):
_The Etiquette of Freedom: Gary Snyder,  Jim Harrison, and The
Practice of the Wild_ . By both worthies. Up top on the cover
page it says, With a DVD of the movie. Down below on the cover it
says, A companion to the movie. 

Checking further, indeed there is a new movie about Gary:

And although the amazon announcment in my email doesn't say so,
this blog author says that the DVD of the film is available from
""The Practice of the Wild," named after one of Gary's books,
featured conversations with Gary and Jim about many topics:
writing poetry, whether reincarnation is real and the conflict
between being an environmentalist and a hunter (both Gary and Jim
have hunted). It also included voice-overs of Gary reading his
poetry, as well as archival footage of the days of the Beat

Sounds appealing. Not clear exactly what's going on, if the DVD
is actually for separate sale and ready now, or part of a package
with the book--proving my theory that, If anything is going to go
haywire, it will happen in August.


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