[Buddha-l] The *** Problem, Revisited

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Sun Oct 3 15:03:18 MDT 2010


  Op 3-10-2010 18:14, Lidewij Niezink schreef:
> 'Babyface' look can help black CEOs, study says
> http://www.physorg.com/news160983537.html.
I quote:
/A babyface is characterized by combinations of attributes,
including a round face, full cheeks, larger forehead, small nose,
large ears and full lips, the study says.
/So a mature face is characterised by: a square face, hollow
cheeks, small forehead, big nose, small ears and tiny lips. What
kind of species are we talking about? Dinosaurs?


Good question. 
I don't see how the face at this link could be termed a babyface.
Other studies I've come across found that babyface is basically
the overall roundness of a hairless head that turns on people
attracted to baby faces. 
However, looking at the photo in above article, I don't see that
he shows a typical babyface at all. He resembles even a version
of Marlboro Man. What his features DO show is vernacular
'whiteface' characteristics: thin lips and a 'thin' un-flat nose
(leading me to think that the more black job holders/candidates
are perceived to resemble whitey, the better their prospects). 
I'd add that the only Buddha images resembling this type of face
belonged to the Gandhara culture.
For a non-babyface Buddha, see the sculptures of him in
pre-enlightenment fasting mode.

Cheers, Joanna

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