[Buddha-l] Enlightenment as dogma

Stefan Detrez stefan.detrez at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 13:20:38 MDT 2010

Thank you all for your answers.

Some of the people answering my question seem to suggest one has to be
openminded, let certain critical alertness go, open yourself up to, etc. Is
this not exactly the same language which says one should drop critical
thinking and approach it with trust or put faith in it? How is that
different from 'Open your heart and let Jesus in'? Wat if I 'do an
ehipassiko' and just don't see it, would I be considered deluded of blinded
by ignorance? How is this reIated to the idea that it takes faith to be a
Buddhist? I subscribe to the fact that Buddhist practice alters a person,
but I don't think that would be the merit of it being Buddhist, but more as
a consequence of proper breathing and thought control. But I could be wrong.


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