[Buddha-l] Enlightenment as dogma

Gad Horowitz horowitz at chass.utoronto.ca
Wed Oct 13 13:19:23 MDT 2010

Please, sir, may I meditate in some manner taught by Buddhists without 
suffering about whether "I" "am" a "Buddhist" or not?

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> Thank you all for your answers.
> Some of the people answering my question seem to suggest one has to be
> openminded, let certain critical alertness go, open yourself up to, etc. 
> Is
> this not exactly the same language which says one should drop critical
> thinking and approach it with trust or put faith in it? How is that
> different from 'Open your heart and let Jesus in'? Wat if I 'do an
> ehipassiko' and just don't see it, would I be considered deluded of 
> blinded
> by ignorance? How is this reIated to the idea that it takes faith to be a
> Buddhist? I subscribe to the fact that Buddhist practice alters a person,
> but I don't think that would be the merit of it being Buddhist, but more 
> as
> a consequence of proper breathing and thought control. But I could be 
> wrong.
> Stefan
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