[Buddha-l] Enlightenment as dogma

Randall Jones randall.bernard.jones at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 21:08:55 MDT 2010

At 06:13 PM 10/13/2010, Luke wrote:

>... I do think that the difference is that Christians do not think critically

Give me a break! Some Christians, and some Buddhists, think 
critically, and some don't. (And I'd be inclined to say that goes for 
some Christian groups and Buddhist groups as well)

Nor does being a Christian nor being a Buddhist imply being a 
literalist. Again, some are and some aren't.

And while it may be true that you can't find out what works for you 
spiritually without trying it out, that doesn't mean checking your 
brains at the door. Nor trying out just any old thing you come 
across. Use your head! (I've found that that is just about always good advice.)

The hard part is maintaining respect for those on the opposite side 
of the critical thinking diviide. Even if they don't have anything I 
want. And especially even if I'm sure my way is the better way. Oh 
what trouble that gets me in. Respect for other views - I guess that 
was actually taught to me by the Hindus I used to hang out with but 
whatever, it's a tall order. And I think a very important one.


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