[Buddha-l] Enlightenment as dogma

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Hi Randall,

Sorry I do agree with you, just being polemical / responding to a certain idea of Christianity. I should have gone to the trouble of qualifying it.


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> At 06:13 PM 10/13/2010, Luke wrote:
> >... I do think that the difference is that Christians
> do not think critically
> Give me a break! Some Christians, and some Buddhists, think
> critically, and some don't. (And I'd be inclined to say
> that goes for 
> some Christian groups and Buddhist groups as well)
> Nor does being a Christian nor being a Buddhist imply being
> a 
> literalist. Again, some are and some aren't.
> And while it may be true that you can't find out what works
> for you 
> spiritually without trying it out, that doesn't mean
> checking your 
> brains at the door. Nor trying out just any old thing you
> come 
> across. Use your head! (I've found that that is just about
> always good advice.)
> The hard part is maintaining respect for those on the
> opposite side 
> of the critical thinking diviide. Even if they don't have
> anything I 
> want. And especially even if I'm sure my way is the better
> way. Oh 
> what trouble that gets me in. Respect for other views - I
> guess that 
> was actually taught to me by the Hindus I used to hang out
> with but 
> whatever, it's a tall order. And I think a very important
> one.
> Randall 
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