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Hmmmmm--"Show your true colors" seems to be written in
Dinglish--a mix of Dutch and English--how contemporary--it's been
happening in south Asia for years already.  

 I'm not up on Dutch, but I seem to notice that they are talking
about insight-- Inzicht --is that right? 
This insight meditation thing invaded biz management here at
least a decade ago if not longer.
Courses were offered to improve sales and interaction with
customers and employees, etc. 
I haven't seen if any roshis or other Buddhist leader types spoke
about it. The topic surfaced on this list long time ago.
http://www.karmanomics.com/index1.php  Yes--this one is typical
of what has been going on here in the USA for several years.

I always viewed this trend as a corruption of Buddhist practice
and teachings, another example of how capitalisim commodifies
anything, and tries to commodify everything.

Cheers, Joanna

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there are strange things happening in the Low Countries. Some new
Buddhists in the Netherlands who are in some kind of commercial
trade, think they can enhance their success by (ab)using Buddhist
words and concepts. See f.i. 
and http://www.karmanomics.com/index1.php .
  At the moment there's a discussion going on on the subject. The
new commercial Buddhists claim that it is OK to mix Buddhism and
business because it is a way to penetrate the field of capital
with spiritual values. The opponents claim that the only reason
why Buddha himself doesn't turn around and around in his grave is
that he has been cremated. My argument that this practice is very
unusual in traditional Buddhist countries has not made much
weight because people feel free to do as they please thinking
they are inventing Buddhism anew.
I personally think these people make a fool of themselves, but
worse is that it may corrupt the reputation of Buddhism in
My question is: do any of you remember cases like this and
reactions of Buddhist teachers?

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