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Dear Franz

Your book and Tim's work must have laid the conditions for
employee insights into what's missing when they have to work for
the psychopaths described in the article sent by Eric. When I was
employed, there was one who was the alpha male of my department,
the boss (even though my school had no official hierarchy. People
make hirarchies anyway.) People couldn't figure out why he was
everything that Hare described. The rest of the males in this
department just sort of bent to his cane, as it were, taking
advantage where they could get it. I never did, and was early on
dubbed by alpha male the trouble-maker. This being my first job,
I had no training--it was not even available back then-- that
would have enabled me and the rest of us to head the perp off at
the pass. So given this discussion, Tim, Franz and Hare have been
doing a lot of good and bestowing benefits on what has been for
ages unethical, sadistic workplaces.
As Freud said: our job is to love and work. They are equal. The
work part got lost a long time ago, methinks. (Maybe the love
part did too but that is another topic.)
Yayyyy to better happier work places.


Dear All,

Thanks, Tim, for the supportive response. You wrote, "Gotta start
somewhere." I think that really expresses it. For me, one of the
chief virtues of Buddhism is that the tradition has grown rich
enough to meet people where they are. To some folks it provides
three year silent retreats. For others, bathroom books. Some
Buddhists are qualified to lead those retreats. I, by contrast,
am qualified to write the bathroom books. And so I do. They don't
teach high level practice, but they do attempt to add some wisdom
and compassion to contexts and moments that might otherwise lack
them. I'm grateful to be a shallow spot in a deep tradition.
Nothin' wrong with that. (Or so I think.)

Since you asked, here's a tinyurl for my Amazon author page:
<http://tinyurl.com/3lyob5h  >


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