[Buddha-l] Invitation to Join World Inner Peace Project

Sugar Mathura sugar.mathura at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 00:41:48 MST 2011

Dear All,

Invitation to all of you.
Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year

Sugar Mathura

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From: nittaya limlert <l_nit072 at yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, Dec 24, 2011 at 9:03 AM
Subject: Invitation to Join Daily Free Online Meditation

The World Inner Peace Project is happy to announce that we are having daily
free online meditation classes starting December 22, 2011.  Please see the
attached schedules to determine the best time you can join us.

Please use the "Time Zone Converter" from the following link to find out
the exact day and time at your location.

Instruction how to login

1.    Go to  www.wipeace.org
2.    Click at Banner “Inner Peace Channel 1”
3.    Fill in “Your Name” as the following code: Country-Name-No. of people
at your connection-City
For Example: User Name: USA-John-1-Los Angeles
(We would like to know how many people are joining Online Meditation Class
and where they are from.)
4.    Fill in “Room Password”: innerpeace072

Our meeting room is called “Inner Peace Channel 1”.
Please help inform all branches center and anyone you know to join the
upcoming free online medication class. We look forward to your
participation and rejoice in your merits.

Thank you and kind regards,

 Sue Tanguthaisuk
Email: innerpeace.channel at gmail.com

“The key to peace and happiness lies in its simplicity.  To find peace and
happiness, one only needs to close one’s eyes and become still. By taking
time for reflection, by being silent, we can find the stillness of inner

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