[Buddha-l] New Buddhist Topic--Buddhism and Cats

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Interesting enough the cat also misses out when the Jade King assigns twelve
animals to the twelve Earthly Branches of Chinese astrology. In this
instance, the cat did receive an invitation to attend the ceremony. He was
tricked by the rat into not attending and the pig was chosen in the cat’s


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This is a genuine topic I have wanted to pursue.  Apologies if it has
already been discussed, just refer me to the year and I'll look for the
Several years ago, I heard that "the only animal that was not invited to the
Buddha's Parinirvana was the cat."  This statement was accompanied by all
the usual stereotypes about cats: they're mean, treacherous, etc., which is
why they were excluded from the guest list.  Where in the world did that
statement come from?  And who wrote out the invitations?
Katherine Masis
P.S.  I live with 3 lovely, sweet cats: Selma, Estrella and Vicente.
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