[Buddha-l] Thai Buddhists killed

Richard Basham bshmr at aol.com
Thu Feb 3 08:18:43 MST 2011


Don't most pick more reputable than David Horowitz's Jihad Watch and
hollywood-ish 'Monsters and Critics'?  You might 'sit on it' to get back
to the simple facts of immediate behavior, as opposed to 'watering' an
entire field of blooming fearful fantasies. 

Personally, the JDL and EDL alliance (UK and now Canada) is more
dangerous to me as the infrequent truly delusional dogmatic PERSON
always warrants concern regardless of categorization or presentation.

I aspire to keep my karma to myself, tiny frog in a small pond so to
speak. Outside of your scholarship, yours seems too grandiose and ugly
-- unwholesome for me to share or emulate.

Richard Basham 

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