[Buddha-l] Thai Buddhists killed

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 3 09:12:22 MST 2011

Richard B.,

Your deep concern for the dead Thais and their families is quite moving! 
Attacking the messenger -- you've got your priorites straight! Marvelous!

"Attacks have escalated recently; a roadside bombing last week killed nine 
The southern violence has claimed more than 4,300 lives since a decades-old 
separatist campaign reignited in 2004."

(from the Zionist-imperialist BBC)



Ethnic cleansing by any other name...

Is the following source neutral enough for you?



Suspected Islamic militants shot and killed a Buddhist family of four at 
their home in the south of Thailand before dumping their bodies in a forest, 
police said Wednesday.

The bodies of a 43-year-old man, a 33-year-old woman, their daughter, aged 
16, and their seven-year-old son were found in a forest near a railway in 
insurgency-plagued Yala province on Tuesday.

Major General Chote Chawalwiwat said local people told the police they heard 
gun shots at the family's house in neighbouring Narathiwat province late on 
Monday, but were too afraid to go and investigate.

"They were the only Buddhist family left in their village, so the militants 
wanted to terrify and completely drive out Buddhists," he told AFP.

Shadowy Islamic insurgents have waged a violent campaign in Thailand's 
southernmost region bordering Malaysia since early 2004, leaving more than 
4,400 people dead, including both Muslims and Buddhists.



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