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Of course, this list-- consisting as it does mostly of
illiterates and anti-thinking types-- no doubt few would care to
look at this Prof's book list. Still, some might be
Reducing a personal academic East Asian library--an opportunity
From: mcknight at email.arizona.edu

I managed to outwit the university space police for a number of
Recently they caught up with me. I have now vacated my university
office, and thus am faced with a need to reduce further the size
of my library.

I have given the students and faculty of my department as well as
other friends in the business a chance to pick over the books,
and have given some to the University of Arizona and more to the
University of Hawaii, but I still have perhaps two hundred or so
volumes in English, Chinese, and a few in Japanese that I would
like to get into the hands of people who would value and use

So, as part of the downsizing my library I have created a list of
books in English, Chinese and Japanese that I will send as an
email attachment to any individual who contacts me privately at:
			mcknight at email.arizona.edu  

Brian E. McKnight
Professor Emeritus
University of Arizona
mcknight at email.arizona.edu

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