[Buddha-l] Meditation changes the brain structure

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 28 06:37:41 MST 2011

It may come as a shock to some conservative members of this list, but 
'commies' and Marxists are not a separate species but members of the 
human race who have a certain opinion about economics, often after 
intensive reflection and reading. There is no dieet or medical treatment 
that makes a person a communist, some knowledge of economic history will 
do in most cases. Even worse, there are conservative communists and 
liberal ones.
Buddhist relevance: the Buddha himself was a kind of communist, because 
the sangha is an economic community.


Op 28-1-2011 14:12, S. A. Feite schreef:
> On Jan 28, 2011, at 12:10 AM, JKirkpatrick wrote:
>> Ok liberals--but what I want to know is, did they include commies
>> in their sample?
>> or even Marxists?
> I doubt it.
> Although Glenn Beck and the Oxy Moron often consider Liberals,
> Marxists and Communists to be one and the same.
> Steve
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