[Buddha-l] Whatever happened to buddha-l?

andy stroble at hawaii.edu
Thu Jun 9 22:31:26 MDT 2011

> On 08-06-11 21:16, Gad Horowitz wrote:
> > How American!   Poor doggie...
> Ah! I see you have sided with the German dominatrix who tried without
>  success to train us to overpower our four-kilogram dog. 

Just lucky it wasn't a bigger dog, or a Chesapeake, or a Malamute. 

> Buddha-l was founded in the autumn of 1991. I'm thinking we should
>  celebrate its 20th anniversary this coming October by sending it to
>  parinirvāṇa, or making it a suburb of Fecesbook. My guess is that the
>  world would be no different without it. But that is not my decision to
>  make. It's just an opinion based on no evidence or reasoning whatsoever.
> Richard
> an academic of no rank

Given the state of Mappo that prevails at the moment, Buddha-hell is a bastion 
of canine howls and mice playing, and carrying lanterns in the bright sunlight 
just like Diogenes himself, so it would be a shame for it to go away, even 
thusly.   And besides, isn't there some invocation of a bodhisattva vow 
involved in a listserv on Buddhism, if only for the sake of those of us in the 
preta  hells of academia?   Fecesbook, I am stealing that!  Buddhism and 
"social" media!  What a marketing opportunity!   I can see it now, parinirvana 
and cloud computing!  Please,  please,  no? 
James Andy Stroble, PhD
Lecturer in Philosophy
Department of Arts & Humanities
Leeward Community College
University of Hawaii

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