[Buddha-l] Stanford scholar Tenzin Tethong could be the nextprimeminister of Tibet

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Sun May 8 11:59:47 MDT 2011

> Questionable hermeneutics, Dan .

Eric, take that up with HHDL. Aside from what appeared *above* the words 
"From the LATimes", the rest is entirely pasted in from the article itself, 
and the "hermeneutics" you are challenging belong to HHDL. You should direct 
your objection to him.

Of course, buddha-l-ers display the same bad projective hermeneutics as 
non-buddha-l-ers, such as shooting the messenger because they find the 
message disturbing.

For the record, his HHDL is not suddenly saying something he hasn't been 
saying, consistently, for many decades. That people are still surprised and 
"confounded" by it shows they listen with their ears closed and minds only 
hearing what they want to hear.


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