[Buddha-l] Stanford scholar Tenzin Tethong could be the nextprimeminister of Tibet

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Sun May 8 14:40:12 MDT 2011

> First of all, I'm Erik not Eric.

Yes, sorry. I have a very good friend named Eric with whom I email 
frequently -- it is a slip of the finger, not the mind, a habit you might 
say. (I don't know if Eric would be equally annoyed at receiving a message 
addressed to "Erik," but I imagine he would. Since my name is Dan, not 
Daniel, it annoys me when people -- thinking it is the formal and proper 
form of my name -- change it to Daniel. Especially on official documents. So 
I get it.)

> Secondly, the word 'justified' came from you

No. That was the actual headline in the LATimes piece. As I said, everything 
below "From the LATimes" is from the LATimes, not me.

HHDL's remarks would indicate he found the taking out of bin Laden 

So, again, don't conflate the messenger with the message.


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