[Buddha-l] Stanford scholar TenzinTethong couldbe the nextprimeminister of Tibet

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Tue May 10 10:40:17 MDT 2011

To be clear, I offer the following not to approve of or align myself with 
their grumpiness, but simply to show that others *have noticed* and 
*noticeably complained* that HHDL's statements on war are not what many 
people "expect."



One can find similar malcontent pronouncements all over the web. To repeat 
my earlier statement:

"Anyone who has followed his HHDL's statements over the years should not
be surprised. He has, e.g., made it clear on many occasions that
'compassion' means sometimes one spanks the child. He has never been an
advocate of the sort of nonviolence that eschews corporal punishment, and
has forthrightly attempted to set the record straight on that on more than
one occasion. Similar statements concerning lethal responses to events in
Afghanistan, etc. have been forthcoming from Tibetans, including HHDL,
usually to the shock and surprise of the mantrically-imbued, at least since

Saints who don't follow one's party line are quickly stripped of that status 
and kicked to the side of the road.


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