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   Call for Papers

   ■Main Theme: Buddhist Philosophy and Praxis
   ■Dates: 15-19 December 2011
   ■Venue: Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Thailand
   ■Keynote Speaker: (1) Prof. David Kalupahana (Hawaii) (2) Assoc. Prof.
   John Makransky (Boston) (3) Prof. Jose Cabezon (Santa Barbara, CA) (4) Prof.
   Oliver Abeynayake (Sri Lanka)

   The sub-themes for panels:

   1.Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation Practices: (Panel Leader: Most
   Venerable Nyanissara Thera & Pa Auk Sayadaw) Papers for this session should
   include advanced studies related to philosophical issues in meditation
   practices; dialogues on meditation differences in the traditions;
   theological or cosmological issues and any resultant meditative attainments
   – what is next after these realizations? This panel aims for a serious
   discussion of deep philosophical points actualized as possible or
   beneficial, with evidence of transformation.

   2.Unifying Buddhist Philosophical Views: (Panel leader: Prof. T. Endo,
   Hong Kong University) Papers accepted into this session should include
   advanced studies for searching the diverse Buddhist traditions and
   philosophical views (Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana) for possible common
   grounds. Suggested areas of research may include one or more of the
   following: where are the connections, possibilities and / or methods to
   actualize the possibility of unifying them; any evidence of such endeavors;
   the role and the implications of such exercise for the advancement of
   Buddhist studies; and how university students can benefit from such
   conception or research.

   3.Teaching Dhamma in New Lands: (Panel Leader: Jamie Creswell) Papers for
   this session should focus on ways in which the Dharma is integrating into
   the societies and cultures of predominantly Christian countries. The papers
   should address sociological and cultural issues and not merely ritualistic
   and practice based aspects of Buddhist traditions. For example, studies
   pertaining towards: gender, family, ethnic issues and dissemination;
   intra-Buddhist relations; Buddhism and Secularism; Buddhist relationships
   with the host-country’s social, political and religious culture; and
   Buddhism and the media. Additionally, papers on teaching Buddhism are
   welcomed, topics may discuss: new ways of teaching Buddhism, and how can the
   Dhamma be taught and employed for the welfare of society.

   4.Buddhist Psychotherapy: (Panel Leader: Dr. Padmasiri de Silva and
   faculty-members from Naropa University) Papers are invited for the following
   thematic sections: (1) Buddhism & therapeutic traditions: e.g. Cognitive and
   Behavior therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, existential therapy,
   emotion-focused therapy; (2) application of Buddhist therapeutic resources
   to issues in mental health: e.g. suicide, addictions, depression, grief
   counseling, death & dying, traumas and counseling for environmental
   disasters; (3) application & development of Buddhist positive Psychology for
   developing positive qualities: e.g. working with families, couple relations,
   Buddhist social work, emotional intelligence in professions; and (4)
   Buddhist world view & philosophy & its implications for therapy; studies
   collecting resources in the suttas for issues in counseling.

   5.Buddhist Texts and Commentaries in Traditional and Contemporary
   Contexts: (Panel Leader: Dr. P. Stanley: Convener of the UCBT Project)
   Papers accepted into this panel should be related to the historical and
   contemporary roles of Buddhist scriptures, commentaries, and treatises, the
   relationships between these texts, and their respective roles in the
   formation and interpretation of Buddhist canons. Papers are also invited on
   the issues involved in making these texts available to contemporary cultures
   by way of translation, interpretation, and, especially, electronic
   resources, which reflects the project of the International Association of
   Buddhist Universities for the Union Catalog of Buddhist Texts that is
   dedicated to creating an online catalog that links all the major electronic
   projects devoted to the canons of Buddhism, e.g., Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese,
   Tibetan, and Mongolian

   6.IABU Planning Workshop: (Session Leaders: Ven. Dr. Khammai Dhammasami
   and Dr. Tamas Agocs/ Dr. G.A Somaratne, plus working-committee) This session
   (is closed to the general public and) will focus in general on the
   association’s aims, such as facilitating academic cooperation between
   members, the implementation of exchange programs and fund-raising; and in
   particular, the workshop will prepare for the General Meeting of the IABU
   taking place on 18th December 2011/2554.

   Acceptable articles, determined by the academic peer-review committee,
   may be published together along with those selected for presentation. The
   conference volume will be available prior to the beginning of the
   presentations. Papers selected for publication will be those that combine:
   ■Thematic relevance
   ■innovative theoretical perspectives
   ■clarity of organization
   ■an accessible prose style
   ■and significant research in primary resources

   Abstract Title or Proposal Submission Guidelines:
   ■Please submit a title and an abstract of 500 words, along with a
   one-page CV with your contact information
   ■Abstract proposals must be received by 30 June 2011. We will send
   confirmation of the receipt of your proposal and will respectfully inform
   all authors of the status of their abstracts/proposals.
   ■The proposals will be reviewed by the IABU Academic Peer-Review
   ■You will receive confirmation of your participation by 15 July 2011.
   ■Please send all proposals and articles as Microsoft Word Files (.doc or

   ■Call for Papers issued: 22 April 2011
   ■Deadline for Abstracts: 30 June 2011
   ■Abstract Notifications: 15 July 2011
   ■Final Full-Article Deadline: 15 October 2011
   ■Invitations to Conference, sent by: 30 October 2011

   ■Submitted papers are refereed and selected on the basis of quality and
   relevance to the main theme and sub-themes of IABU 2011 conference and
   ■Submitted Papers should be additionally readied for verbal-presentation
   (articles may be readied for PowerPoint presentations, rather than just
   reading from one’s article).
   ■Papers should be from 10-15 pages, submitted in the preferred font:
   ‘Times EXT Roman’ (for papers with Pāli/Sanskrit diacritic markings).
   ■Please download this font: http://www.bcca.org/services/fonts/--and
   compose your article in this font. Articles will be returned if there are
   any undisplayed diacritical-markings.


   Editorial Committee Manager:

   Dr. Dion Peoples: manager.secretariat at iabu.org

   If you are invited to attend and present in the conference, your arrival
   should be on 15 December 2011, and departures begin on 19 December 2011.
   Economy-class airfare will be reimbursed upon arrival, and food and
   hotel-accommodations in Bangkok will be sponsored by
   Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University – only for scholars with approved
   articles and delegates from Member-Institutions of the IABU. We would be
   honored if you could grace us with your valuable contribution.

   Yours sincerely,

   Most Ven. Prof. Dr. Dharmakosajarn

   Rector, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University

   Chairman, International Association of Buddhist Universities


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