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A relevant comment from the graffiti article:

"Just like the Philippines, the homeless are rounded up and bussed miles
away, streets are cleaned for the first time in years and a healthy facade
is replaced along the President's route. Why don't these countries treat
every month as if the President was visiting the whole country. Why not care
for the poor and actually repair what needs attention instead of hiding it?"
Someone else added that the same happens in the US when a DNC or RNC
convention is set up in one of our cities.

This, however, is another example of huma nature, aka "putting your best
foot forward" on some occasions....

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YANGON, Myanmar (AP) - When Arker Kyaw heard President Barack Obama was
coming to Myanmar, he gathered 15 cans of spray paint and headed for a blank
brick wall under cover of darkness. Kyaw, whose passion is graffiti, labored
from 3 a.m. until the sun came up. Passing taxi drivers and the occasional
pedestrian gave him signs of encouragement as Obama's grinning, uplifted
face took shape against a background of the American and Myanmar flags.
"I wanted to welcome him," said Kyaw, a 19-year-old with a sweep of styled
hair and a penchant for skinny jeans. [more]-

Yay graffiti artists.

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