[Buddha-l] FW: most and least Buddhist Cities in America?

Jo ugg-5 at spro.net
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When I read the parts of the city included together for LA, I  did not see
Orange county.
It says: "Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA."   Is one of those in Orange
County? I wouldn't know.  
Along with excluding Hawaii, I didn't see Alaska either. Even if there are
zero Buddhists in Alaska it should have been included. Since lots of
southern states are named, many of which have large non-white populations, I
doubt if white privilege is the reason.

I take your critical view on the Pew effort limitations.


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I guess Honolulu doesn't count as a city in the United States. This is like
the old Pew study that grossly underestimated the number of Asian-American
Buddhists for several reasons, including leaving out the state of Hawaii.
Why does this kind of thing continue? One answer springs to mind,
immediately: unconscious white privilege.

One correction to Jo's post: the Los Angeles data does include Orange
County, but I wonder how many Vietnamese Americans remain Buddhist. Those
who came to the US during and after the war were disproportionally
conservative and Christian.


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