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Thanks Jo! Best read of the day for me today. We live in such confusing
times... I need a break. Any recomendations for out of Europe, into
anything else emigrations (preferably with sun, seasons, sea and a mountain
where I can grow my veggies; I don't ask much ;-))


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On 19 December 2012 22:08, Jo <ugg-5 at spro.net> wrote:

> I posted this because it agrees with my views, mentioned now and then on
> this list, that our country is the top in manufacturing and distributing
> weapons of war and mass destruction.  We have been experiencing the
> consequences for some time, and will continue to, until and unless we quit
> our roles in the planetary slaughter.
> Joanna
> http://www.newclearvision.com/2012/12/17/standing-strong/#more-2076
> December 17, 2012
> Uniting Around the Finest Values of Human Life by Jennifer Browdy de
> Hernandez
> Just as people in places like the Maldives, Bangladesh and Pakistan may
> have
> shook their heads at the cluelessness of Americans who suddenly woke up to
> climate change when Sandy came to town, people living in hot spots of
> violence around the world now have every right to be shaking their heads at
> the collective American refusal to see and understand how, in the wake of
> the Newtown massacre, we are much to blame for our own misery.
> The U.S. is the largest arms manufacturer and exporter in the world. We
> have
> by far the largest military. We are also by far the most heavily armed
> civilian population in the world, with some 300 million guns circulating
> among our population of about 300 million people. Americans, we need to
> acknowledge that collectively, as a nation, we have been responsible for
> hundreds, and probably thousands of deaths of children worldwide through
> the
> weapons we sell abroad.
> There is not a conflict in the world today that has not been fueled by
> American weaponry. It is hypocritical to weep crocodile tears for the
> slaughter of innocent children in a kindergarten in Connecticut but to
> callously ignore the slaughter of innocent children by American drone fire
> in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan' [add Yemen to the list. JK]
> We need to start connecting the dots and realizing that the violence we
> mete
> out to the world will come back to haunt us a
> thousand-fold.............[more in article]
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