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Here is a very interesting/revealing interview with Victor/Victoria from 

The interview was conducted by Jim Stephens, and it is obvious that 
Stephens is a fan of the Trimondis. For those not familiar with Stephens 
he is a former Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist turned Christian evangelist who 
now specializes in proselytization aimed at bringing Western Buddhists 
back into the Christian fold.

Here is the biographical information that the Trimondis themselves 
provide at their own website (I think it is the same as what is also 
found at "american-buddha.com"):


On 7/19/12 4:54 AM, Margaret Gouin wrote:
> A friend recently sent me an extract from a book called 'The Shadow of the Dalai Lama' by Victor and Victoria Trimondi.
> All I've been able to find out on-line is that this couple is of German origin; the websites I've found are either run by them or their supporters. They appear to make a speciality of 'debunking' Tibetan Buddhism. At least some of their books are available online in English but only a couple, in German, on Amazon.
> Can anyone tell me more about these two? Specifically, what is the basis for their expertise (if any) in the field?
> I'm curious because of the almost total lack information about them, especially from Buddhist sources (book reviews, etc.).
> Thanks.
> Margaret
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