[Buddha-l] China plans theme park near Lhasa

Jo jkirk at spro.net
Fri Jul 20 08:10:56 MDT 2012

If you see the words 'Chinese theme park' think lots of life size statues, a
few replica of old houses that you can walk through, and lots of shopping
streets or even malls whith lots of restaurants and shops that sell
souvenirs from all over China, like lama outfits for children with panda
bags. all this filled with Chinese tourists that are making photo shots from
each other in front of the houses, statues and in the restaurants. I trust
the Chinese will equal the US in tastelessness.

They will equal the US or even surpass us in tastelessness---very
competitive, you know.
Probably a few deconstructionistickly correct art historians will attack the
idea of "taste," and offer their approval to the plan.
However, a look at all the Buddhist stuff and lama ads in Tricycle magazine
also gives one pause, if not paws.


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