[Buddha-l] The Daiichi nuclear power reactors fiasco at Fukushima

Jo jkirk at spro.net
Sun Jul 22 19:28:16 MDT 2012

So far, I've not seen anything on this list commenting on the tragedy of
Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactors disaster after the earthquake and tsunami
of March, 2011. 

May we contemplate the consequences to ordinary citizens of meltdown
radiation that blanketed the Fukushima area, and their desertion by the


The anguish (to borrow Stephen Batchelor's translation of dukkha) of these
people is not about "craving," or "attachment"-it is about the destruction
of their householder lives in human community: growing vegetables, keeping
milk cows, managing one's hereditary shrine, raising children, running shops
to supply the locals. Compassion is based on identification-the farmer with
his crops and animals; the priest with his shrine and with those who came
back to stay after evacuation, and so on. Let us think on them. 


Please view this video. You won't see it on cable TV here in the US:




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