[Buddha-l] The Daiichi nuclear power reactors fiasco at Fukushima

Jo jkirk at spro.net
Wed Jul 25 16:54:30 MDT 2012

Dear Lidewij,

Happy to see that at least one of us on this list thinks on this situation.

I belong to two good organisations that inform our US public about the
nuclear political programs and their deficiencies. I sign their petitions to
the DOE and the NRC whenever I get one. Otherwise, I can only write and
publicise, find information and share it. On the lookout for a way to share 
something of this horrendous danger added to the others, like global climate
change and corporate fascism, I check my local newspaper off and on to see
if there are any articles that I can attach a comment to. I found one today,
about a bill in our Congress to regulate toxics regularly allowed so far in
our air water and soil. This time my comment hinted at a warning (I cannot
be too blunt as the owner/editor of the newspaper blog might remove it), as

Toxics regulation
Submitted by _________ on Wed, 07/25/2012 - 11:07am.

"Evidence that chemical exposures significantly contribute to disease and
disability burdens in the United States is undeniable, strong, and continues
to grow," said Ted Schettler, science director of the Science and
Environmental Health Network."
One source of toxics contamination being kept under cover is the fact of
radiation-contaminated fish off of our western shores, thanks to the nuke
fiasco in Japan. 
See this Vancouver BC news article about it:
The article also points out that so far neither Canadian nor US government
relevant agencies have even begun to investigate. Japan ships tons of fish
to our west coasts for sale. If people eat a lot of irradiated seafood, they
are in for a lot of illness down the road. This is a top public health
problem waiting in line, after the pesticides and all the other stuff the
new law might regulate.

Such is the control of the nuclear industry corporations over government
here, and even over the President and his energy secretary, that public
criticism in major media of this industry is suppressed. One has to learn
about the various civil organisations that oppose it in order to learn about
any of it. So far there has been no sign that our government even cares
about the impending contamination of the Pacific Ocean, or of some of our
fresh water lakes near which such power plants have been located (about 30
of them on the Great Lakes), or about the public health consequences for
fish and seafood supplies currently being marketed.

Sorry, I have already written too much.

Best, Joanna

Lidewij Niezink wrote,
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Thank you Joanna, I'll be sharing this video.

We may contemplate it all but we might better move into a zone of doing
something about what is going on. Don't wait for your authorities to make it
happen, they don't either.


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> So far, I've not seen anything on this list commenting on the tragedy 
> of Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactors disaster after the earthquake 
> and tsunami of March, 2011.
> May we contemplate the consequences to ordinary citizens of meltdown 
> radiation that blanketed the Fukushima area, and their desertion by 
> the "authorities"?
>  The anguish (to borrow Stephen Batchelor's translation of dukkha) of 
> these people is not about "craving," or "attachment"-it is about the 
> destruction of their householder lives in human community: growing 
> vegetables, keeping milk cows, managing one's hereditary shrine, 
> raising children, running shops to supply the locals. Compassion is 
> based on identification-the farmer with his crops and animals; the 
> priest with his shrine and with those who came back to stay after 
> evacuation, and so on. Let us think on them.
> Please view this video. You won't see it on cable TV here in the US:
> http://enenews.com/documentary-what-has-happened-to-us-psychologically
> -physi cally-financially-is-truly-unimaginable-video
> JK
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