[Buddha-l] The Daiichi nuclear power reactors fiasco

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For regular up-dates on the Daiichi reactors, see the following links:
www.ENENews.com  - Energy News 

This site is run by a scientific team trying to garner support for testing
off-western-UScoast salmon and other fish that migrate between here and
Japan area. I donated.

This one reports on Fuk. and also (on other pages) abut radio isotopes in
and off coastal USA, mostly Calif.
http://www.enviroreporter.com/2012/03/rad-news-digest/31/   ...This is the
last page of many--for earlier posts follow the page numbers bottom of the
page--ignore the comments--most of them as useless as on every other media
comment format--also turn off your PC's sound--they run video commercials in
order to support their site. Somewhere on this site you can also learn how
to buy a good and not too pricey Geiger Counter.


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I don't think anyone knows what is going to happen and what to do about
Nuclear Reactor disasters.
We don't seem to hear about all the experts who are flocking down there to
help sort things out. Perhaps there aren't any.
It all looks quite peaceful and fertile to the untrained eye but where are
the geiger counters?
What is happening to those people who went in and closed the reactor down at
the risk of their own lives?
It was a little unsettling last year to hear so much bad news and then
suddenly have a complete blackout.
Was it just because the newspapers thought the public wanted to know more
about how many locals had been mugged and robbed over the past few days and
how many cars had been stolen rather than the possible ecological disaster?

Aryacitta/Dave Living
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