[Buddha-l] Christendom vs Buddhism in Cambodia

Jo jkirk at spro.net
Wed Jun 13 08:50:20 MDT 2012

> This is one incident illustrating that Protestants actually accomplish 
> some good--no drink no smoke-- for a change.

Many of the Protestants converting people in these countries tend to be on
the extreme fringe. In Bhutan there was recently a case of some Protestants
killing a woman for  "being possessed by satan"

Horrible. But I DID say 'for a change", as I'm very dubious about Christian
missionaries. You know, after independence in 1947, India passed a law
against admitting missionaries that held up for a few years. The
mission-built hospitals were acceptable.  Finally, because India has had
Christians there for centuries, the law was nullified. 
But Bhutan has always been Buddhist, right?  Why cannot the Bhutan kingdom
keep them out?

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