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'For ten years, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) pushed for a
U.N. resolution to make defamation of religion a criminal offense. The
_Saudi-based_, 57-member group's purpose was to make an international law
that would criminalize freedom of speech and freedom of expression when it
comes to matters deemed critical of or offensive to Islam or Muslims.
Standards for the resolution were (naturally) drawn from Islamic, Sharia,
law.' There is no free speech, nor religious toleration, in Wahabbist Saudi
Wake up and smell the stink, people.

The Saudi card is the basis for 90% of the violence going on in the Islamic
world today---Saudi-based and funded --- including Sunnis trying to
eradicate Shi'as and Ahmadiyyas (et al.), jihadists trying to eradicate
anyone or thing that disagrees with their warped views, and the rest. 

Doing my anthropology research, I was present at the beginnings in the
1970's of this Saudi-based onslaught funded by Saudi petro-dollars in a
Muslim majority country, Bangladesh. I watched it spread out of Bangladesh,
Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka all over the entire world. Buddha-hellers and
people of all classes and educations TODAY have NO idea, except for a few of
us still alive, what Muslim countries OUTSIDE Saudi Arabia were like back in
the day before the latter started all this bought and paid-for, violent
missionizing. They were not Wahabbist, did not engage in violence against
others, did not observe Shari'a laws (except for matters of
marriage/divorce, child custody), nor did they force their women into
ridiculous uniforms to cover and even displace their national, traditional
costumes and hairdos. 



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