[Buddha-l] In God We Trust

Jo jkirk at spro.net
Tue May 1 15:11:43 MDT 2012

 "In the financial year 2011-12, the Mahavir Mandir earned Rs 6,44,63,752.
The biggest revenue of Rs 2,49,35,252 was generated through  the offering by
general public, while the sale of Naivedyam laddoos too  earned Rs
2,29,58,914," Kishore Kunal, chairman of the Mahavir Mandir Trust Committee,
told Deccan Herald here on Sunday.

Naivedyam laddoos????? What are they? Does anyone know? Could it be the
religious alternative to winning the Lottery?

Dave Living/Aryacitta

Hi Dave,
Laddoos are sweets made with mashed yellow maize, ghi, and palm sugar,
rolled into
balls in the palm of one's hands and then scarfed up. Kids love them.
Ganesha loved them--he is often depicted with a big fat laddoo in one of his
Looks like in some temples they are the Prasad.


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