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An instance where more corruption would be better! In that country, should
be easy to generate a lot more corruption.

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I believe it has been explored, at least to a some degree. If found, I
suspect a new site would likely be sold separately or added to the existing
concession for a hefty price, not used to entirely replace the existing
Chinese concession. 

Some years ago a  German geological survey showed that Afghanistan was rich
in untapped mineral deposits. They remain untapped due to security concerns.
The Mes Aynak site is rich and in a relatively secure site (meaning that the
odds of being able to ship out the copper are better than in most places).
It is a risky enough business climate for that and other reasons. Only a
Chinese company with a such a strong domestic commodity market was
interested. A deteriorating security situation may preserve the site if it
makes mining there unprofitable. On a more hopeful note, a new government
might well decide that the concession is invalid due to corrupt practices or
demand new payments, again making the mine unprofitable enough for the
Chinese to abandon.

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> On question arises about the site as a copper source: why hasn't any 
> exploration outside the Mes Aynak site been done to see if copper is 
> underground in the beyond or surrounding areas? Mes Aynak could very 
> well have been preserved for archaeological excavation if that had 
> been, or is, done.
> Joanna
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