[Buddha-l] Bewildering temple in Bangkok

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Chris' description sounds like this particular Thai temple could be 
hosting the Tibetan FPMT Buddhist sponsored  Maitreya Heart Shrine 
relics tour, and that it has been mounted within one of their existing 
shrine halls, thus explaining the cultural mix objects and images of 
veneration.  For more information see:


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> I'm in Bangkok for a medical check up.
> The other evening being full-moon a nice Thai lady dragged me to a 
> large Thai temple (Wat Yan Nawa) near Saphan Taksin BTS station. I 
> must say what I saw there rather shattered all my notions of Thai- 
> Theravada Buddhism.
> I was taken into a large hall the centre filled with about 100 crystal 
> stupas - and probably a couple of hundred  of other gold and crystal 
> reliquaries of various sorts all of them filled with various types of 
> what Tibetans would call rinsel.

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