[Buddha-l] Another One Bites the Dust

Franz Metcalf franz at mind2mind.net
Wed Feb 27 14:08:36 MST 2013

Richard, Lance, Leigh et al.,

Perhaps I am as "old-fashioned and conservative" as Richard, but I just cannot support the actions of *any* teacher, therapist, or guru who abuses his power by engaging in what can never be consensual sexual relationships with his students. Nor can I support an organization that covers up such actions, let alone one that do so systematically over the course of decades. If this is awakened behavior, I say the hell with it.

But Leigh--whose sincerity I do not doubt--testifies to the strength and discipline of the practice community at Rinzai-Ji. I'm inclined to say, well, at least for men. But I really do appreciate that Sasaki Roshi (I never met him) may be, for some students, a genuine help, an enormous boost on the path to waking up. I have to question, though, if that is enough to counter-balance the harm he surely has caused *generations* of women (and, secondarily, their loved ones). Read this poem and then try to answer:


As for the leaders of the community now saying they are "taking actions to ensure a safe practice environment for women," my immediate reactions was "piffle." However, the open letter from the Oshos in January, after a witnessing council, sounds promising.


I wonder, though, who shall hold them to their promises? And shall anyone other than Sasaki be cut out of the organization after 50 years of failure?

One thing good: contrary to my earlier assertion, it's not *every* teacher who failed. I have still not heard accusations against Suzuki Roshi or Katagiri Roshi and there may be others I'm not thinking of among Japanese lineages. I've never heard anything remotely critical of Thich Nhat Hanh or Thich Thien An. Nor of Masters Hsuan Hua or Sheng Yen. So, there may yet be a baby wallowing in the bathwater. I continue to hope so.


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