[Buddha-l] Another One Bites the Dust

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Batchelor qualified  'inevitable' by 'some'. 
Every woman I have ever known, including self, who has ever worked in an office--whether in academia or otherwise--knows whereof Batchelor speaks.

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I'm thinking men... self-control and men... Men can do better than this.

I'm also thinking that we are living in a time where this type of statement by Batchelor either needs to be conclusively backed up or seriously
questioned: "2. Wherever people are in a position of power over other people, it is inevitable that some will use that power to pursue and fulfill their own sexual desires." Seriously?! Where does that 'inevitable'
come from other than conviction and (research) to confirm or justify that conviction?

I really resonate with Ford on this one: "We need Zen teachers in succession who see themselves not as magical inheritors but as long time students  entrusted with a terrible and beautiful responsibility." Zen teachers and all teachers for that matter.

And I am thinking Sita sings the Blues... a wonderful, free, creative, long documentary which you can all check out here:


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