[Buddha-l] Insight into Anti-Muslim Violence in Sri Lanka

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 10 20:09:20 MDT 2013

> Violence gets the news coverage, while attempts at peacemaking get
> overlooked...
> So, has anyone seen this - the "Buddhist-Muslim commitment to Action and
> the Dusit Declaration"?
> More here:
> http://compassionateaction.org/node/4358
> cheers
> Sally

Yes, Sally, there are attempts at bridging gaps, e.g., by my old friend 
Imtiyaz Yusuf who currently teaches at Mahidol University in Thailand and 
has published on and organized conferences on Buddhist-Muslim dialogue. For 
background on the S. Thailand situation as of 2007, for instance, see his


You can google him for more recent work.

It is not the media that is ignoring these efforts, which have been active 
for many years. It is the actors in the region themselves who tend to find 
such optimisms unrealistic, aside from entertaining a certain international 


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