[Buddha-l] buddha-l Digest, Vol 103, Issue 6

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 12 10:14:29 MDT 2013

>Religion is ultimately an individual
> choice.
> Dave Living/Aryacitta Southend on Sea Essex UK

That's very Protestant of you. To impose that idea on other traditions would 
be imperialistic. "Choice" = will, so this is an expression of "free will", 
ergo the Protestant emphasis on "faith", "belief," etc. Most other religions 
stress actions over beliefs (e.g., you are a good Hindu based on what you do 
and don't do, not on what you believe; you can believe in one, many, or no 
gods, and still be a good Hindu, but you can't marry certain castes, etc.).

In any case, history argues that shifting from an action-value tradition 
such as Hinduism to a faith-choice religion such as Islam does NOT infuse 
people or regions with peaceful intent. Central Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, 
etc.) used to be Buddhist. Look at it today.


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