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Thu Sep 12 21:56:02 MDT 2013

I think AFJ is not saying it is synonymous. Just that it is *also* a factor
(that gets brought into conflicts in which religion is also a factor).
Ethnic identities sometimes overlap with nationalist ones. (And sometimes
these get conflated, e.g. in New Zealand where I live, some people of
European ancestry take on the label "Pakeha" [a Maori term for us] as their
ethnic identity, while others say "we're New Zealanders" and put that as
their answer in the Census where a question asked about ethnicity, and gave
various tick boxes, and then the option of "other", where they put NZer.
I'd say they are conflating their national identity and their ethnic one.)

On 13 September 2013 15:48, Dan Lusthaus <vasubandhu at earthlink.net> wrote:

>  Dan said: "The muslim resistance movements in China and the former Soviet
>> Union are not grounded in nationalist identities, but religious ones."
>> Well, that's not quite accurate. Ethnic identity is very much a factor in
>> these movements as well.
>> AFJ
> In which dictionary is "ethnic" synonymous with "nationalist"?
> D
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