[Buddha-l] First US Buddhist terrorist?

Catalina c_castell at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 17 10:32:42 MDT 2013

Hi Dan,
just meaning that what he did is a "little" against some Buddhist principles and what matters to me is "etiquettes", all of them, that was my point.
I'm ok with "out of curiosity", is the Buddhist (or fill whatever here) terrorist that bothers me. An agree, theoretical or actual Buddhists may be different, like scientists, plumbers, etc 

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>I don't see the matter here...to me it doesn't mind which religion he 

No one said it did. It is a curiosity, that's all.

> a Buddhist...and no way he was one anyway even if he spent his time in a 
> temple.
> Catalina

Oh? Are you the official admissions officer for Buddhist membership? That 
you would say this indicates it DOES matter to you. As Erik might say, you 
have a platonic notion of Buddhism that you don't want sullied.


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