[Buddha-l] buddha-l Digest, Vol 103, Issue 6

Franz Metcalf franz at mind2mind.net
Tue Sep 17 11:54:38 MDT 2013

Andy noted that

> NOBODY expects the Buddhist Inquisition!!!!  I mean, why would they?

In fact, those who DO expect it get only soft cushions or perhaps, at worst, a comfy chair.

But, seriously, I find myself torn between. On the one hand there is my reverse Orientalist, naive reification of Buddhism as a religion of ahmimsa. On the other, my namby-pamby, PC aversion to fundamental critique of religions that really are vastly more violent than Buddhism. (Yes, we're looking at you, Abrahamic religions.) This explains my tolerance for reading Richard and Dan's sparring: they're not afraid to go quite beyond the limits of my own niceness.

So, go to, young men! You do the dirty work for the rest of us.



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