FW: [Buddha-l] Laughing at enlightenment

Michel Clasquin clasqm at mweb.co.za
Fri May 6 03:31:07 MDT 2005

> curt schreef:
> Do you mean that it takes two to tango? That's what I would say 
> anyway. 
> I always have been very suspicious of all those nondualists who 
> considered themselves prophets of the only true religion and talked 
> about Descartes as a kind of devil. How nondualist can you be? Always 
> stick one finger up?

The one-finger crowd are the evil heretical monists, who only disguise 
themselves as nondualists. The stalwart member of the True Sect of 
Nondualism (TM) has long ago chewed off all his fingers.

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