FW: [Buddha-l] Laughing at enlightenment

Steven Lane steven505 at earthlink.net
Thu May 5 22:11:19 MDT 2005

 As usual you have misunderstood everything I have said and have
misunderstood non-dualism. Non-dualism is not monism I have I have tried to
explain to you ad infinitum on this list. Qualities and qualifications do
not disappear in non-dualism. Things can indeed trump on another in
non-dualism if the trumping is understood to be completely interchangeable.
( A paradox Richard)

  In any case I would be glad to go through a formal debate of your dualism
and my non-dualism for the benefit of the list. 

   Richard it is unseemly to attack something just because you can't
understand it.

   I look forward to logic against logic and seeing whose point of view
holds up. You can posit how things are indeed dual eternally and
unchangeably and I will cut it down.


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